Monday, 15 June 2015

You are in town.

I heard the news that you’re in town
Well that explains the big grey sky
Wandering around and going my way

I dig the grave in my backyard
Pull the coffin full of dust
See a glance of just what story remains

So go far take what you need
I’ll be around when everything falls
And then I’ll go run it again
To see if it crashes down the same
But then, I don’t feel like losing anymore

The city weeps while you’re in town
The lights went on a little dimmer
As if they knew the way its going to end
I see we’ve hit the tall brick wall           
Where conversation has run dry
This would be the part you say your goodbye

Your beautiful disguise stays in my head
Leaving empty traces lost in time
Until all burned down to live again

Kalau kata Adhitia Sofyan-nya; the one that got away is back in the town. 

03.01 AM 
Siklus tiga pagi, tapi sendiri. 

Btw, sebulan saya gak di Bogor.

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